My name is Hana and I am a 29 year old Veterinary Nurse from Melbourne, Australia. I will be embarking on adventures around the world and raising funds for Beyond Blue, which is an Australian independent non-profit organisation which provides information and support to help Australians achieve their best possible mental health. Fundraising for this cause is extremely important to me as I have had my own battles along the way and I have also witnessed many of my family members, work colleagues and close friends fight demons that they often keep a secret, with some losing their lives and leaving many of us wondering what more we could have done to help them; so here I am.

I work full time as a Veterinary Nurse which can sometimes be stressful on the mind and body, I am a massive animal lover and I love working my butt off to help them. My career brings me fulfillment and I know I am making a positive difference with my time. Yes I do get to cuddle kittens and puppies on the regular but there are a lot of emergencies, deaths and euthanasia's too, no matter how many years pass by, they never get easier. 

I will be dedicating my future adventures around the world to the ones we have lost. I am trying my best to do my part in providing awareness of how serious mental health is and provide support to others that are still fighting their fight.


To the people we have lost - My adventures are for you. 

To people still fighting their fight - I am here for you and I will never stop fighting for you. You are not alone.

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