In August/September 2016, I joined the G Adventures team to attempt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which is one of the Seven Summits. Brandon had always dreamt of attempting the Seven Summits which is how Kilimanjaro quickly became our first high altitude trek together. We chose the machame route as it is known to be more scenic and we also opted for the 6 day climb instead of the 7 day to challenge ourselves. On September 1st, we stood on the roof of Africa at 5,895m altitude after 5 days of uphill trekking and sleeping in a tent with no showers. Mt Kilimanjaro was challenging in more ways than one, there were numerous people suffering from altitude sickness and being rushed down the mountain on oxygen tanks which put the fear into me and reminded me that altitude is no joke. I was so happy to reach the summit and burst into tears on Brandon's shoulder. The final push from Stella Point 5,685m to the summit was extremely hard, I was fatigued and walking slower than I have ever walked before due to the altitude, but all that pain disappeared the minute I could touch the sign. This is the climb that then put the remaining of the Seven Summits on my radar too.

Whilst on route to Tanzania, I was lucky enough to tick off a massive bucket list item of seeing Egypt. During my few weeks in Egypt I was lucky enough to go scuba diving in the famous and beautiful Red Sea and also summit Mt Sinai 2,285m to watch the sunrise. What an exciting trek to help with training and altitude!

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